• Home Maintenance Service in DHA Lahore

    We provide professional Home Maintenance service with rock quality commitment!

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  • Handyman Services in DHA Lahore

    We provide professional Handyman Services in DHA Lahore with rock quality commitment!

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  • Plumbing Service in DHA Lahore

    We Provide Best Plumbing Service in DHA Lahore

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Who we are

Are you tired of being an all-rounder yourself? Or have you recently fallen victim to a self-proclaimed and unprofessional expert who only made your job worse? Well, you've finally come to the right place because city super tasker wants to remove the curse. city super tasker is not just a team of experienced men who do their best. We are here to assure you that your home is in safe hands. Our versatile and carefully selected craftsmen offer services that can withstand the tests of the times. With our firm commitment to consistent quality and competitive pricing, we have many years of experience in providing the best maintenance and repair services in All phases of DHA Lahore, providing amazing and desirable results. what do you want to see.

Time Saving
Trust Worthy
Done Right Guarantee



In DHA Lahore any type of construction and reconstruction service is provide by CST with best quality

Car Sales

Buy and sell new car is now made easy by City Super Taskers. Don't hesitate to ask for more details.


In DHA Lahore We offer all type of Electrical service. Feel free to call us for any kind of Electricity related issue.


CST knows it is not easy to take care of your plants at home and office, We have covered it all.


Buy new appliances and repair new appliances is now made easy, quicker and bugest friendly.


City super tasker provides super cleaning service. Just give us a call and let us handle it on your behalf.

Tuff Tiles

We install huge variety of tuff tiles. Our super taskers do best quality work


Lekage of pipe, installing water tank and any kind of plumbing service is now at ur door step


Our painters work with creativity and their make new look to yout dull and boring walls

Service By City Super Tasker

From overhead repairs and routine maintenance checks to installing a new unit, you can count on city super tasker homeowners handle all your air conditioning services smoothly.
Regardless of the size of a sanitary task, we have you covered. The services of city super tasker Plumbing will free you from all your worries and worries once and for all.
Our team of qualified electricians replaces inaccessible lamps, installs new lamps, repairs broken circuit breakers or repairs dimmers. It is just a phone call to solve all your electrical problems.
No more tasks on your to-do list! city super tasker offers professional handyman services to save time, effort and money to make all your repairs.
Our skilled carpenters can handle all types of wood, including old repairs or complete renovation for variety. We are just a phone call away.
City Super Tasker Deals in Tuff Tiles, Khaprail, Blocks, etc. Tuff tiles are available in beautiful and attractive patterns and colors. Beautify your outdoor space with rawalcrete.

Why Choose Us?

citysupertasker is here for you to change the perception of a handyman as stealing money for estheticians who improve your home or workplace by providing the best repair, renovation and maintenance services. . You don't have to put your life on hold and risk fixing a door that won't close, drying your damp walls, or just fixing electronics. Our team is just a phone call away and comes with the entire team to provide a reliable, efficient and affordable DIY service.